You want the best for your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Memory Care living at Living Branches is exactly that.

Senior Memory Care provides long-term care to those with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Available at our newly renovated campuses in Lansdale and Souderton, Memory Care has all the comforts of home — far beyond what was once called a nursing home.

It takes a village, and that’s what you’ll find at Living Branches: a caring team committed to your loved one. Under the care of specially trained team members, residents benefit from structure, engagement, and 24/7 care. Best of all, your time with your loved one transforms. You get to be the child or spouse they need, not their solo caregiver.

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The Living Branches difference in senior Memory Care

You and Living Branches share the same goal: the best possible care for your loved one with dementia. With roots as Mennonite organizations that offered nursing home care, Living Branches continues to put resident well-being first. Our highest priority is caring for those we serve, not the bottom line.

See how the non-profit approach makes all the difference in Memory Care.

A lifetime commitment to you

Souderton Mennonite Homes and Dock Woods offer Memory Care Living at the Personal Care (assisted living) level. But your loved one won’t need to leave Living Branches if they ever need more care. Dock Woods provides senior Memory Care services within Health Care (skilled nursing). Souderton Mennonite Homes will finish construction on a similar neighborhood in 2024.

Living Branches makes a lifetime commitment to care: your loved one can stay for years to come, even if they need Health Care (skilled nursing). They will never be asked to leave for outliving their financial resources through no fault of their own.

All-inclusive, transparent pricing

In many cases, Memory Care living is more affordable than round-the-clock in-home care. At Living Branches, Memory Care rates are transparent and all-inclusive. You’ll never be surprised by a hidden fee. And the cost of senior Memory Care depends on your chosen accommodations, not your loved one’s assets.

High resident-to-staff ratio

One of the advantages of senior Memory Care is having multiple caregivers to rely on. You’ll never worry about an in-home aide calling out: your team is always here.

The ratio of team members to residents in Memory Care is among the best available, far higher than what the state requires for nursing homes. Nurses, medication techs, and resident aides are always on-site. When possible, residents are paired with the same team members to build long-term relationships and consistent routines.

And because mental, emotional, and spiritual health are crucial for well-being, pastors, life enrichment coordinators, and creative arts therapists are also a part of daily life in Memory Care.

“My father moved into Memory Care at Dock Woods right after Thanksgiving in 2023. We were so impressed with the support and communication we experienced during his transition. The facilities and grounds are beautiful, the staff are kind and professional, and my father has settled down very happily in his new place. He interacts with staff and other residents and has improved his mobility. We are so grateful that he is in a secure and caring environment.”

— Minna

Unparalleled support in senior Memory Care

Senior Memory Care has evolved beyond the traditional nursing home. Today, it’s the most thorough care you can provide and a partnership between you and your loved one’s care team. You provide love and memories built over a lifetime together, and we provide 24/7 support and stability.

Senior Memory Care at Living Branches

Around-the-clock care

Come and go more easily knowing your loved one is always looked after. We’re here, no matter what time of day your loved one is most active. Your loved one will enjoy personal attention thanks to the high staff-to-resident ratio in our senior Memory Care communities.

A cozy common area in the skilled nursing area at Dock Woods, one of three Living Branches communities

Safe surroundings

We think about safety so you don’t have to. A typical family home poses many risks such as cords, steps, toxic substances, and kitchen tools. Wandering is also a common fear for family members. In a senior Memory Care neighborhood, common hazards are removed or adapted to reduce risk without giving up comfort.

Senior Living in Lansdale, PA

Help with daily activities

Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your loved one’s company. They receive help with routine activities like eating, bathing, and dressing. That’s one of the benefits of a senior Memory Care community: our team provides aid that can be hard for family members.

A young therapist plays the guitar and sings during a creative arts therapy session for residents receiving Memory Care at Souderton Mennonite Homes

Focus on what’s possible today

Guided by the latest research on dementia care, team members focus on what can be gained, not what has been lost. We also recognize your loved one’s capabilities may change from day to day. It’s our goal to enable more good days and help you enjoy them together in senior Memory Care.

Your family becomes part of ours

When your loved one calls senior Memory Care home, you’re just as welcome as they are. You can always take them on an outing or visit with family. And you may visit them day or night, spending as much time as you’d like.

The Montessori approach

Used in thousands of schools, the Montessori Method also benefits those with dementia. This method considers a person’s abilities and preferences. Rather than one-size-fits-all, each resident does things they can do and like to do.

In the Montessori Method, planned activities and prepared environments both prompt engagement. For instance, some residents find meaning and purpose in tidying up, preparing food, or caring for a garden. Others enjoy activities that evoke their roles as business owners, farmers, musicians, or parents. The goal is to help each resident feel useful and engaged.

Creative Arts Therapy

Art can be a powerful tool in therapy. In our senior Memory Care program, creative arts therapists offer group and one-to-one sessions in art, music, and dance. Residents listen, hum, sing, move, and play along – and there’s no way to do it wrong.

Music & Memory

Our team works with family members to develop personalized playlists for residents in Memory Care. Each song is intended to spark joy, bring back memories, and aid communication. As a Music & Memory certified organization, Living Branches offers this trailblazing program in all three Memory Care communities.

Living Branches: A leader in Memory Care

Residents in Living Branches’ senior Memory Care communities benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge. That’s why we’re doing our part to contribute to groundbreaking research in dementia care. Living Branches collaborates with universities  and engages leaders in the field to provide the best care for your loved one with dementia.

Local and regional partnerships

Living Branches regularly collaborates with legislators, researchers, and other experts to offer exceptional dementia care.

Our ongoing partnership with Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions helps researchers investigate the needs of older adults with dementia and their caregivers. For instance, a recent study on caregiver burnout influenced how caregivers find support in our communities.

In addition, State Senator Maria Collett and Representative Steve Malagari (pictured above) assisted in securing funding for Living Branches’ new state-of-the-art Memory Care center for Health Care residents.

Creative Arts Therapy Fund

The fund for creative arts therapy helps us bring joy to residents through music, art, and dance. This fund supports the purchase of iPods and musical instruments, community art projects, and internship programs with area universities.

Resources for caregivers

Living Branches team members lead support groups for loved ones of residents with dementia. You may also benefit from one of these resources for caregivers.

Comfortable Memory Care living

You want your loved one to feel at ease – and that’s what our senior Memory Care neighborhoods promote. With round-the-clock care off your plate, you and your loved one can enjoy time together.

An intimate, home-like setting

Each Memory Care apartment can be furnished with our items or yours to ensure your loved one feels right at home. While housekeeping and laundry are included in the daily fee, many residents find purpose and joy in completing these familiar tasks themselves.

Intuitive layouts in common spaces are easy to navigate, which benefits residents who walk throughout the day. Thoughtful lighting, activity areas, and noise levels create a cozy atmosphere that doesn’t add to confusion or distress.

Delicious food options

To help your loved one feel their best, they’ll enjoy high-quality, family-style meals prepared by a chef. Meals include fresh produce options and can be tailored to their dietary needs and tastes. When needed, team members provide adaptive utensils and assistance with dining.

Engaging activities for mind and body

There’s a reason family members often breathe a sigh of relief during visits. Whether your loved one tends the garden, listens to music, or pets a therapy animal, every day is a chance to grow. Memory Care activities surpass what you might expect in a nursing home, using Montessori principles to help residents find purpose and joy.

What’s more, there are numerous social opportunities. As part of the Living Branches family, senior Memory Care residents join campus activities like social outings and church services.

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