Student in Residence at The Willows

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We’re looking for a motivated college student who would be willing to interact with senior citizens over meals in the dining room, games of pool, or movie nights, in exchange for free room and board in a furnished apartment.

Program Details

  • Student must be caring, social, motivated, independent, and respectful of senior citizens
  • Preferably a junior, senior, or graduate student
  • Recommended majors include agriculture/organic farming, business, restaurant and food service, music, art
  • Resident engagement requirement is 8 hours per week, which includes scheduled programming and one meal each week in the dining room
  • Student will receive free room and board in a furnished studio apartment and several meals per week

Dock Woods is located on 309 in Hatfield, PA and is twenty minutes from Delaware Valley University. For more information, contact Cheryl Loftus at 215-822-0688 or

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