Construction FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Dock Terrace Construction

We anticipate just about two years. The benchmark on the project list is 22 months, but with potential delays, we are planning for two years from start to finish.

The construction plans require that we reduce our number of available beds at Dock Terrace from a census of around 66-68 down to 54. Our staff has been working hard to make accommodations, some of which include residents being willing to relocate to Souderton Mennonite Homes in the meantime. We know that changing routines and moving – even temporarily – can be stressful, so we appreciate the understanding and patience of our residents and families. At the same time, we are so excited about the opportunities that this construction will ultimately offer our residents, and the blessings it will provide for all that visit our communities.

Creating more private rooms means that each room can have their own HVAC unit. We have gotten away from the packaged wall units and will be installing vertical air-handler units. This allows for not only better filtration and better efficiency, but creates more space for bigger windows and natural light! In common areas we will utilize energy recovery systems that provide increased purification.

We don’t anticipate having to re-direct much traffic. Periodically there might be times where this concern is addressed depending on equipment, construction vehicles, etc., but there are no major pipes or long-term concerns affecting Dock Drive, Community Drive, and/or Woods Drive. Our director of construction will continue to work with contractors to coordinate parking lot traffic, which will likely be impacted the most. If necessary we can explore temporary stone lots or shifting parking to Dock Mennonite Academy.

The vast majority of construction will occur on the opposite side of the building from where the child care center is located. We will continue normal operation of the child care center, and will work with contractors to ensure safety during times where the roof or exterior is being worked on.

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