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Compassionate Caregiver Covenant

Living Branches is committed to protecting the health and safety of residents and team members while simultaneously recognizing that in-person visits can have a positive impact on resident physical and emotional health. Because of the importance of family interaction, Living Branches has developed a compassionate caregiver visitor program which is outlined below.

As a compassionate caregiver, Living Branches appreciates your commitment to the safety of not only your resident but to all of our residents and team members. We trust that you will partner with us in practicing the recommended COVID-19 safety protocols not only when you are on our campus but when you are out in the wider community. To this end, we have prepared this compassionate caregiver covenant for your review and signature.

By signing below, I understand and agree to the following requirements related to compassionate caregiving at Living Branches. I acknowledge that my failure to follow any of the requirements set forth in this covenant will result in the termination of my status as a compassionate caregiver. I acknowledge that I am placing myself, my resident, and other residents at risk of contracting COVID-19 by becoming a compassionate caregiver who is entering a Health Care, Memory Care, or Personal Care community of Living Branches.  I further understand that the compassionate caregiver program may be suspended or halted at any time by Living Branches.

  1. Testing:
    1. I will take an initial COVID-19 test and provide documented proof of negative results from a qualified lab or COVID-19 tester prior to the first visit. I understand the initial test must be done within seven days of my first visit; preferably within 72 hours of my first visit.
    2. I will undergo subsequent periodic testing at a rate consistent with the Living Branches Health Care, Memory Care, or Personal Care staff testing requirements, and provide on-going proof of a negative COVID-19 test to maintain my status as a compassionate caregiver. Living Branches will advise me of the current testing requirements. If the testing requirement is monthly, I will produce results of a negative COVID test conducted within that calendar month by the 15th of each month.
    3. I understand testing is my responsibility.
    4. If I fail to produce documented proof of the negative COVID-19 test in the required time frame, I will not be permitted to visit as a compassionate caregiver.
    5. If I refuse initial testing, I will not be allowed to become a compassionate caregiver.
    6. If I do not comply with ongoing testing requirements, my status as a compassionate caregiver will be terminated.
  2. Education
    1. Prior to the first visit, I will participate in education provided by Living Branches on proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and visiting protocols.
    2. I will participate in any additional education that may be required by Living Branches or any other regulatory body.
  3. Scheduling, Length and Frequency of Visits:
    1. I will schedule compassionate care visits using the Sign-Up Genius program for compassionate caregivers on the Living Branches website.
      1. If I am a spouse living within Living Branches, I will be assigned a time for my visits therefore I will not schedule visits using Sign-Up Genius.
    2. Visits may not exceed two hours.
    3. Frequency of and duration of visits is determined by Living Branches staff.
    4. Visits will take place only in my resident’s apartment or room. I will not congregate in common areas of community.
  4. Screening and Sign-in/Sign-out Requirements
    1. Upon arrival to the campus, I will sign in at the screening station and complete and pass all screening protocols. Should I not be able to successful pass screening protocols, I understand I will be denied visit privileges.
    2. Upon completion of my visit, I will sign out before leaving the campus.
  5. Hand Hygiene, PPE and Physical Distancing
    1. I will perform proper hand hygiene before, during, and after my visit.
    2. I will wear a face mask at all times while on the Living Branches campus. I will wear a disposable surgical face mask during my visit.
    3. I will be provided with a gown to wear during the visit.
    4. Eye protection in the form of a face shield, goggles, or safety glasses must be worn when the county COVID -19 positivity rate is above 5%. I must provide my own face shield, goggles, or safety glasses and must clean them before and after each visit.
    5. I will maintain six feet or more of distance from my loved one, unless Living Branches staff have determined that closer proximity may benefit my resident. I will follow the guidelines presented to me by Living Branches staff. Examples of closer proximity activities may include hand holding, and/or a brief hug or quick kiss using PPE.
  6. Notification to Living Branches of Illness
    1. I will notify the director in my level of care by telephone or email if I develop symptoms of Covid-19 or any other illness, or learn that I have been exposed to a person who has, or is being tested for, Covid-19
  7. Termination of Compassionate Caregiver Status
    1. I understand and agree that if I do not comply with any of the above noted compassionate caregiver requirements, I will be asked to leave campus and that my status as a compassionate caregiver will be rescinded.