A Plan for Living Well in Later Life

Live & Grow Together at Living Branches

Living Branches is an ecosystem of valued residents and caring staff founded on the values of togetherness. Learn more about the history, services, and different campuses and hear what life is like at Living Branches from current residents and staff.

“I love Living Branches. The people are so friendly,” resident Jim. “As soon as I walked in the place, I told my son this is where I want to be. Within a couple of months, I believe I was here and I love it,” resident Laura. “I just love living here. It’s just such a togetherness,” resident Janet. “And I knew within my heart when I first started here this is where I wanted to be,” Charlene, marketing staff. “My friends and family think I have the best job ever,” Jerry, life enrichment staff. “As an employee of seven years, I cannot see myself working for any other organization. Living Branches is absolutely amazing,” Kelly, Personal Care staff. 

Living Branches Overview 

Living Branches is a not-for-profit system of retirement living and affordable housing communities dedicated to providing quality life enriching services on three campuses in southeastern Pennsylvania.  The organization employs almost 700 team members and offers a wide range of housing support services and engaging activities for more than 1,350 residents. The name, Living Branches, is derived from where Jesus teaches his disciples that he is the vine and, as branches, they will draw their strength and sustenance from him.

“We live in a wonderful community. We’re very happy that Living Branches is a faith-based organization,” resident Bob. “A vital relationship with God through Christ enables us to have a vital relationship with others, with other people, and that to me is very meaningful and I just love that that is what our roots are and that we’ve chosen to continue the name Living Branches,” Bob, environmental services staff.

Living Branches Mission

Our mission is simple: together we empower older adults and families to lead lives of purpose and joy, guided by the Mennonite tradition of care and service to others.

“We’re not all about a bottom dollar but we are all about caring about people and that means a lot to me,” Bob, environmental services staff. “You come to work every day really feeling like you’re making a difference in the residents’ lives,” Maureen, life enrichment staff.  “I love my residents because they care about everything I do for them. They appreciate it. They enjoy seeing me every morning. They’re happy when they see me,” Christine, Personal Care staff. “My favorite thing about working here is the people. I have probably been to 30 to 40 communities like this but this is such a unique community and unique atmosphere, it’s nothing like any of the other communities I’ve been to. Everybody’s friendly, everybody’s smiling, everybody’s introducing themselves and you get to create relationships with all the residents, all the staff,” Rich, accounting. “The staff, and that’s all areas, they all are exceptionally friendly and for me living here I appreciate that,” resident Jim. “There are so many activities in this community that you can’t attend them all. Some are educational, some are training and others are fun,” resident Bob.

Living Branches History

Living Branches was created through an affiliation between Souderton Mennonite Homes and Dock Woods Community in 2008. Souderton Mennonite Homes was established in 1917 as Eastern Mennonite Home of the Franconia District. Hatfield Mennonite Home, later renamed The Willows, was founded by the Franconia Mennonite conference in 1942. Dock Woods began in 1981 as an outgrowth of Hatfield Mennonite Home. Today Souderton Mennonite Homes and Dock Woods offer Residential Living, Personal Care, and Health Care as well as services for residents with memory impairment. The Willows provides Personal Care and residents have access to Health Care within the Living Branches system. Through Dock Manor and Dock Village, Dock Woods Living Branches also offers affordable housing for older adults and families.

What “Together” Means to Living Branches

All of us are striving together to better serve our residents and each other on a daily basis. Together means take time and be present, own the entire experience, get to yes, extend hospitality, treat them to memorable moments, honor response times, empower with choices, and recover with compassion. “The people who work here work together to give us purpose and joy in our lives,” resident Janet. “As residents we work together to make it all happen,” Bob, environmental services. The communities of Living Branches welcome you. We look forward to growing with you as we empower older adults and families to live lives of purpose and joy guided by the Mennonite tradition of care and service to others.