Work with Meaning

If you ask any of our staff members about our mission and core values, you'll see faces that light up with passion and commitment. You'll likely hear personal accounts of how the Living Branches core values are what attracted them to woring here - and how our mission provies a fulfulling purpose to the work they do.

And while it’s always wonderful to hear our staff members talk about their connection to our mission and core values, it’s even more inspiring to see them live that commitment in their daily interactions with residents. The words of our mission are brought to life with every act of kindness, with every enthusiastic idea for a new community activity, and with every shared moment of togetherness.

A few staff persons shared how they work with meaning...

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Donna Conklin
Care Coordinator, Dock Meadows

In my role, there is nothing more precious than when a resident living with dementia finds their way to a lucid moment. It is always a treasured gift. I remember one moment in particular when a resident took my hand with such love and gratitude in her eyes and said, “Thank you for all you do. You girls are so good to me.” I carry those moments in my heart every day.

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Bob Mullen
Housekeeping, Laundry, and Custodial Supervisor, Dock Woods

We get a lot of great feedback on how clean Dock Woods is – and we are happy to play a role in the pride residents take in the beauty of their home. We also support a wide range of events, and it’s always fantastic to see the residents come to the event and not have to worry about logistics at all. They can just pull up a chair and enjoy each other – and it’s very rewarding to witness that on a regular basis.

I also find joy in serving as a cheerleader for my teams. There’s a lot of repetition in what we do every day, and I believe that helping promote an atmosphere of thanks and recognition helps people feel good about what they’re doing. 

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Emma Schnabel
Waitress, Souderton Mennonite Homes
CNA, Dock Woods

Although I currently work primarily as a waitress, I am also a Certified Nursing Assistant – and sometimes, I’m able to use those skills to help out at Dock Woods. One of my favorite things to do is to help people find new friends. Just recently, I introduced a new resident to another wonderful lady in the dining room, and they really hit it off. I enjoy seeing people come together – and I love playing a role in making that happen.