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Interviews with Residents at Living Branches
Interviews with Residents at Living Branches
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Everyone’s reasons for choosing Living Branches are different. However, their experiences here are all full of caring staff, friendship, happiness, and personalized care plans to support their individual lifestyles. Hear from our residents about what life is like here at Living Branches.  

Interviews with Residents "Nancy Hawkins" &"Dottie"

"Moving here was really a joy" - An Interview with Nancy

Nancy Hawkins’ shares her experiences during her first year living in a cottage at Living Branches.


“Welcome to Souderton Menonite Homes. My name is Nancy Hawkins and I've been here just a little over a year and a half. Moving here was really a joy. I really was so grateful that I could give a gift to my children that would free them from and give them peace and myself as well, to be in it to be in a caring place. Owning my own home and all the responsibilities that goes with that. It was so wonderful to come here and, for example when it snowed. As early as 4:30, the crew could be out there, cleaning the sidewalks, plowing, salting, keeping us safe. And then, if something goes wrong, I have a problem in my cottage. I pick up a phone, leave a work order, and the crew will come and take care of that problem and I'm so grateful. When I say thank you so much. They say, it's why we're here, with a smile and that is so wonderful to not have those responsibilities and know that I’m cared for.” 

"You're not alone" - An Interview with Dottie

Dottie loves so many things about Dock Woods, she cannot choose. The people, including staff, friends, and residents, make life at Living Branches a community. Hear Dottie’s story. 


“I'm Dottie Worth. I've lived at Dock Woods for five years. I have many many friends that I got to be close to since I've moved in at Dock Woods. We get together and we play cards and we participate in a lot of the activities in the main building, which are numerous. From the fitness center to swimming; the library is so available. Actually the chapel is a key part of a community. There's also a hairdresser and a barber and the gift shop. Should you forget to get some groceries at the ShopRite or Hennings, I just go to the gift shop. There are so many favorite things about Dock Woods. What is my most favorite, my most favorite, is probably the people I meet and how very dedicated the staff is and the neighbors become friends immediately. You're not alone!”


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