Dementia Resource Library


  • I Care by Jennifer Brush and Kerry Mills
    Top of the line. Practical help for care-partners. Appendix of helpful resources for interviews and checklists. Link to purchase.

  • I’m Still Here by John Zeisel, Ph.D
    Recommended for all those who relate to persons experiencing mental impairment. Especially helpful for family members, those in the ministry, and care-givers. The emphasis is on appreciating and affirming each individual’s person-hood, while creating a healing environment and relationship with his/her remaining abilities. Refreshing read. Link to purchase.

  • In Pursuit of the Sunbeam by Steve Shields and LaVrene Norton
    A practical guide to transformation from institution to household. After historical and regulating background, the author pursues the philosophy of change in the environment and the transformation of “self.” Link to purchase.

  • Transforming Long-term Care by Kelly O’Shea Carney and Margaret P. Norris
    Excellent. “Elder care method.” Comprehensive approach for health care professionals, policy strategists, and family managers. Link to purchase.

  • Hiding The Stranger In The Mirror by Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D
    Helpful series of examples of stories of persons with dementia and lessons to learn at the end of each chapter. Basic to care is the need to always see the person as someone who is responding in a way that makes sense to him/her. Finding and using strengths that remain. Recommend read for caregivers. Link to purchase.

  • Relentless Goodbye by Ginnie Burkholder
    Most insightful and inspiring description of the journey of grief and mourning during years of caring for a loved one with dementia. Recommended for all who face the sadness that permeates every aspect of life when loss is relentless and impacts one’s hopes, and self awareness with the helplessness that accompanies dementia. Link to purchase.

  • Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade by Gary Chapman, Deborah Barr, Edward G. Shaw
    This book is easy reading and captivating as it applies the five love languages to persons with dementia and their care partners. An informative book. Link to purchase.

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