New Fund for Creative Arts Therapy: Inspiring Donors, Growing Possibilities

New Fund for Creative Arts Therapy: Inspiring Donors, Growing Possibilities

New Fund for Creative Arts Therapy: Inspiring Donors, Growing Possibilities

Do you have a passion for the creative arts? Have you Seen music, art, or dance make a positive difference in Someone’s life – perhaps even your own? The new fund for Creative Arts Therapy invites anyone with an interest in the arts to play a part in the growing vision at Living Branches to enhance lives through the unique healinga and connecting power of the creative arts.

What is the Fund for Creative Arts Therapy?

The Fund for Creative Arts Therapy is part of the Living Branches Foundation, which exists to maintain life-enriching experiences for all residents. While the foundation’s primary goal is to grow the organization’s benevolent care funds – which support residents who need financial assistance – there are a range of additional funds that enable opportunities and growth in a specific life enrichment area. For example, the Elizabeth’s Garden Fund ensures this special place at Souderton Mennonite Homes continues to delight residents, staff, and guests; the Expanding Our Horizons Fund supports residents and staff in their mission trips (see article on page 12); and now, the Fund for Creative Arts Therapy will help us bring joy to even more residents through music, art, and dance.

“We have been blessed with very generous foundation donors, and their gifts allow us to not only maintain all that we do within our active, caring communities, but also increase our opportunities to explore new paths,” said Edward Brubaker, President/CEO, Living Branches. Ed is particularly excited about the creative arts therapy program, as well as its new fund. His mother faced the challenges of dementia before she passed, and he is eager to see the new program begin benefiting the Living Branches residents in Memory Care who need it the most. In addition, Ed’s daughter is a singer-songwriter in her spare time, so he is no stranger to the beauty and wonder of music in his daily life.

“From the moment I met Seth, I knew his charisma, kindness, passion, and unique expertise would spark amazing possibilities for our community,” said Ed. “I have enjoyed learning about Kathleen and Seth’s plans for the new creative arts therapy program, but I’m even more excited to see those plans becoming a reality.” Living Branches is seeking to raise $1.5 million for the new Fund for Creative Arts Therapy over the next five years to support Kathleen, Seth and all of Living Branches in these efforts.

Matching Funds for Creative Arts Therapy

“Our first donation was $5,000, which was matched by the donor’s company two to one – raising the amount to $15,000,” said Keith Heavener, director of fund development, Living Branches. “In addition, Living Branches established a $250,000 matching fund – which doubled the amount to $30,000 – all possible through that original $5,000 donation! The board of directors and the executive leadership team at Living Branches are committed to this new program and we welcome other donors to take advantage of this generous matching offer.” Seth, Kathleen, and the entire Living Branches’ team invite anyone who is interested in learning more about the creative arts therapy program and its new fund to call or to arrange for a visit to see the program in action.

“While the Living Branches Foundation will continue to focus on benevolent care, we are excited to offer new opportunities for our donors to focus their contributions on life enrichment areas that align with their personal passions – whether it be gardening, community service, or creative arts,” said Ed. “Every contribution matters – and enhances our ability to help residents lead vibrant lives full of purpose and joy.”