A Unique Career Journey

Kathleen’s father was always her favorite career counselor. He supported her smart choices throughout her successful corporate career with AT&T, including the startup of her own IT security company in 2003. When her father passed away in 2011, Kathleen decided that she wanted to shake up her career in a major way.

“I felt this undeniable pull toward senior care, because my own grandfather lived with my family as I grew up and through my own parents while living at Dock Woods, I had learned the incredible difference that loving caregivers – backed by a compassionate organization – can make,” said Kathleen.

“At first, I considered going back to school, but Ed convinced me that getting out there and working was more important,” said Kathleen. Kathleen’s skills in policy and project management allowed her to very quickly begin supporting Living Branches in a number of initiatives. When those projects came to a close, she worked with Edward Brubaker, Living Branches CEO and President to identify her next challenge.

“He helped me apply to a Pennsylvania Administrator in Training program, and my internship was completed right at Living Branches. Over the course of 12 months, I worked in 11 different departments under the guidance of 80 different individuals – and collected countless hands-on experiences, from cleaning toilets to sorting soiled laundry to doing dishes. There is no better way to learn the ropes of the business than to simply do the work of each team.”

Ed shares Kathleen’s deep passion for Memory Care, and when her internship ended, they worked together to design her new position as the Director of Dementia Care Strategy. You can learn more about Kathleen’s new position here.

“I’ve been incredibly blessed to have amazing supporters – as well as God’s guiding hand – to lead me to exactly where I need to be,” said Kathleen. “I know that my dad would be very pleased with the choices I’ve made over the past few years. After all, he spent 37 years at Merck helping to create vaccines for children – he was my inspiration to make my huge career change so more than anyone, he would have understood the need to make a tangible difference. I know I’ll feel his eyes and love upon me as I strive to do just that.”