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The Christ Spirit 2020
Joyce Shultz, Dock Woods Resident Posted on
I am grateful to have the opportunity to share some of my experiences here at Dock Woods during the pandemic. There have been times in recent months when I..
Gospel Music Fest and Hymn Sing
Rebecca Kikendall Posted on
The annual Chicken BBQ at Souderton Mennonite Homes looked a bit different this year than it has in years past, but we were excited to welcome some fun activities..
An Update from Margaret Zook
Margaret Zook Posted on
Dear Friends: In this moment - we’re all learning together. Living Branches remains totally committed to our residents during these times, and the..
Senior Care Terms Defined
Posted on
Choosing the right care for your loved one is difficult and overwhelming. When it comes to senior care, there are so many terms that are so similar, yet mean the..
Musings on Advent
Margaret Zook Posted on
While waiting for Christmas, do you wonder, as I do, about the pregnant women in the Christmas story? The following excerpts from a sermon by Rev. Kathryn M...
Interviews with Residents at Living Branches
Posted on
Everyone’s reasons for choosing Living Branches are different. However, their experiences here are all full of caring staff, friendship, happiness, and personalized care plans to support their individual lifestyles. Hear..
Dementia Care Strategy - Music & Memory
Posted on
Music has the power to awaken the mind. With the Music & Memory program at Living Branches, residents are brought closer to loved ones. Hear about some more of the..
Resident Stories in Personal Care at Living Branches
Posted on
Making the decision to move to Personal Care can be challenging, but you are not alone. Hear from our residents about their transition into Personal Care and how their wonderful..
Live & Grow Together at Living Branches
Posted on
Living Branches is an ecosystem of valued residents and caring staff founded on the values of togetherness. Learn more about the history, services, and different campuses and hear what life..
Memory Care 101: What to Expect From a Memory Care Community
Kathleen Roberts Posted on
The average age of the population is getting older. As the baby boomers reach retirement and the average age of the American population continues to increase, there are more senior..
Dementia Care for Seniors: Communication Techniques
Kathleen Roberts Posted on
Dementia affects a great deal of America’s older population. Dementia is a general term for memory loss and other cognitive loss serious enough to interfere with daily life. It’s..
How to determine when your loved one needs Personal Care
Karen Walser Posted on
How to determine when your loved one needs Personal Care As senior adults age and their health needs change, a move to Personal Care, also known as assisted living, may..
Older Adults Month: Week Four
Margaret Zook, Director of Church and Community Relations Posted on
NPR reported on a group of engineers walking through the airports in aging sensitivity suits. The suits were to help understand the unique issues of navigation for older adults...
Finding the Best Activities for People Living with Dementia
Posted on
Keeping active can improve a person’s quality of life, bringing pleasure and meaning. Seniors living with dementia often find everyday activities are more difficult. But choosing appropriate, failure-free activities..
Older Americans Month: Week Three
Margaret Zook, Director of Church and Community Relations Posted on
A Plan for Living Well in Later Life As we think of the many years ahead of us, we wish for them to be as happy and healthy as possible...


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