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Dock Woods - Fisher Auditorium 275 Dock Dr, Lansdale, PA, United States

The program will highlight the work of Americans for Native Americans (ANA) which is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Native Americans in the Southwest on the Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni reservations. By partnering with schools and organizations, ANA provides essential goods and programs which foster self-reliance and mutual understanding. Founded in Doylestown in 1991, ANA focuses primarily on services for children (food, clothing, school supplies, and health services), scholarships and clinical opportunities for nursing students at the University of New Mexico in Gallup, New Mexico, and veterinarian services on these reservations. Come to see, hear, and discuss the challenges and successes of this mission. About the instructor: Mary Lee Reiff Mary Lee currently serves as the chair of the board of ANA and has been a member of the organization since 2002. Her interest in Native Americans stems from her Native American roots in the Chickasaw nation through her mother’s family. Raised in the Air Force and moving throughout her childhood, Mary Lee is grateful to have lived in the Doylestown area for the past 46 years. She and her husband, Brian, have a daughter and twin grandsons. They have plans to move to Dock Woods in the future.