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An Update from Margaret Zook
An Update from Margaret Zook
Margaret Zook Posted on

Dear Friends: 
In this moment -  we’re all learning together.
Living Branches remains totally committed to our residents during these times, and the protective measures we have implemented continue. We are not able to welcome visitors to our campuses right now, but you know that residents and staff are working diligently to remain connected and support each.  
The campus pastors are available and providing daily meditations and spiritual care. But we welcome the connections to church family that are so important in the lives of our residents. Residents clearly would love to be asked “how are you?”  And to know you are thinking and praying for them.  
Parker Palmer says: “I’m learning more about the good hearts of people who reach out in ways that reflect our shared humanity. I’m touched by those who ask: ‘how are you doing?  Anyway I can help?’ and clearly want to know.” 
For you and your church family here are a few suggestions for keeping connected.

  • The simplest thing to do (and the one without any risk of infection) is for church folks to use the link on our website to Send a Message to Your Loved One. We are printing these greetings out on cheerful paper and having them delivered to the resident.
  • The other option on the website is for a Skype video call. Staff will help to facilitate the call; you can use the calendar on the website to sign up for a calling time.
  • To keep in touch with updates, check the Living Branches website and Facebook.    

We encourage you to share this information with church members, grandchildren, youth groups. We are grateful to you and your church family for your continuing prayers for the Living Branches family – residents and staff, as we together maintain connections and support each other.     
Margaret Zook
Director of Church and Community Relations


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