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Older Americans Month - Week One
Older Americans Month - Week One
Margaret Zook Posted on

May is Older Americans Month, which provides a natural opportunity to celebrate God’s gift of aging and the contributions of older adults in our lives and congregations. 

Like the seasons, the ocean tide, and our favorite musical compositions, our lives have a rhythm. This prayer for spirit filled aging by Sister Carole Kimes begins with, “Oh, God, awaken within me the gift of these years…” and ends with “Aging well has no map. Just be my source to bridge the gap.”  This month we will be sharing reflections and inspiration as part of Older Americans Month and we welcome your thoughts and participation.

 “One generation shall laud God’s work to another and shall declare God’s mighty acts” – Psalm 145:4


A prayer for spirit filled aging by Sister Carole Kimes

Oh, God, awaken within me the gift of these years.

Teach me to trust so I can face my fears.

Teach me to “be” so I can live.

Teach me to receive as in this I also give.


Let me slow down, savor the moment

Then I can hear your whispers spoken.

Help me to embrace this “sage-ing”

And share it with the youthful aging.


Grace me with humility

And lead me to your tranquility.

For in this utter surrender,

I come to accept your grace so tender.


Give me courage to face my unanswered questions.

Guide me to the soul-filled suggestions.

Balance has always been a challenge.

Create it in me as my life re-arranges.


Loosen my grip, set my spirit free

So I can discover who I’m called to be.

It’s not easy to lose independence.

But I want to trust it’s for greater transcendence.


How grateful am I for the gifts I receive?

Deepen my faith so I can always believe.


Aging well has no map.

Just be my source to bridge the gap.


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