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Living Branches Foundation

Living Branches Foundation



Together we empower older adults and families to lead lives of purpose and joy, guided by the Mennonite tradition of care and service to others.


The Foundation’s primary goal is to grow its invested funds in support of our Benevolent Care ministry, which in turn assists residents who need financial assistance. The Foundation exists to provide and maintain life-enriching experiences for those residents who live at each of our communities. 

 "We are committed to treating our residents with respect and integrity in an environment where they are empowered to lead lives of purpose and joy."



Our Primary Focus: Benevolent Care

Benevolent Care is a ministry which provides grants to residents who, through no fault of their own, can no longer cover the full cost of their care.

Who receives aide through the Benevolent Care program?

Benevolent Care is provided for individuals who experience financial circumstances that are beyond their control. A team of department managers reviews each case to make certain that the residents’ needs are met. Although every person is unique, their individual stories share common themes. They have worked hard, raised children, given back to their communities, and saved for their retirement. But now, unanticipated challenges have placed them in a position of financial need.

How does my gift benefit residents?

Living Branches receives annual disbursements from three Benevolent Care funds, which are then distributed to residents needing financial assistance. The three benevolent care funds are noted on the back side of the reply form.

How significant is the financial responsibility? In recent years, about 100 residents have received aid through the benevolent care program each year. The total annual cost of benevolent and unreimbursed care amounts to more than $3,300,000 and the Foundation
provides more than $1,150,000 to offset those costs.

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