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The Not-For-Profit Advantage

At Living Branches, our roots run deep – nurtured by core values that put people before profit, quality of life over efficiency, and person and community growth above all else.

The not-for-profit status reveals much about the core of the organization. The first question asked when planning for the organization is not, “What’s the financial outlook?” but rather, “Is this the right thing to do?” Our focus is not financial. It is missional. We do not answer to investors or shareholders. Instead we hold ourselves accountable to our mission and core values.

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We are not under pressure from outside investors to have a positive bottom line. And yet we still operate like other businesses. We review financial information at every board meeting and strive to make wise business decisions. After all, over 1200 persons reside in our communities and over 600 persons rely on us for their salaries.

Additionally, not-for-profit does not mean we fail to meet our budget or make a profit each year. We are disciplined and fiscally responsible so we can have a positive bottom line. But the profit is not dispersed among investors. It is reinvested in the organization through infrastructure updates, employee development, and the benevolent care ministry. The benevolent care ministry enables us to care for all residents, regardless of their ability to pay the full cost of their care. We make a lifetime commitment to residents in our communities who have been wise stewards of their money, but have outlived their resources. The benevolent care ministry allows us to offer these residents financial support, so they can continue to lead lives of purpose and joy at a Living Branches community.