Dementia Redefined

A Seminar for Caregivers

Tuesday, February 11
6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
The Willows of Living Branches
2343 Bethlehem Pike, Hatfield

Understanding and communicating with loved ones living with dementia can often be a difficult experience. By learning communication techniques and focusing on your loved one’s strengths and abilities, you can bring joy and meaningful connection back into your relationships. In this seminar, we will:

  • Define dementia and identify several diseases that have dementia as a component

  • Gain an understanding of an abilities-based or a strength-based philosophy

  • Identify components of cognition and understand associated communication techniques

  • Define capabilities at each stage of dementia

  • Gain understanding of behavior as communication

Refreshments will be served. This free seminar is open to the public.

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06:30 PM