A Plan for Living Well in Later Life

A Plan for Living Well in Later Life

As we think of the many years ahead of us, we wish for them to be as happy and healthy as possible. But do we have a plan in place to reach those goals? What are tasks to practice now that will bring value to those later years? What are the virtues that build a strong core for aging?

At a recent seminar at Living Branches, Dr. Joe Kotva shared practices for any age that will give value and meaning to the journey through life.
Some of these practices include:

  • Reading scriptures
  • Prayer
  • To begin each day with a gratitude journal
  • To end each day by examining all that went well, and the things that did not
  • To cultivate humility and gratitude daily
  • To practice forgiveness immediately with oneself and others

These practices lead to virtues that give life meaning. Virtues such as hope, patience, generosity, courage, and joy.

What tasks do you practice daily to live well for all of your life?